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It is so important to listen to our bodies.

Our physical body, our energetic body, our mental body and our emotional body.

We often spend our whole lives being told or telling ourselves what to do/ how to feel; giving little or no time to listen to ourselves. While we are doing, we are not listening.

If we don't listen, then how do we know how we feel? How do we know if what we are doing is right for us? We are all very unique and what is right for someone else might not be the right thing for us. What is right for us, might not be the right thing for someone else. Do what works for YOU.

How can we practice listening to ourselves?

Stillness. Mindfullness. Awareness.

Check in with yourself every morning and ask -

How do I feel today?

What is my truth today?

Do my actions align with my truth?

If not, then change it.

The morning affirmation I live by -

May I be on the path of my greatest good, in return the greatest good for all.

And then I sit and listen.

I do this on my 25 minute ferry to work and you can do it too, maybe your routine is 5 minutes with your morning coffee.

Other activities where we can practice listening to ourselves -

Yin yoga, mindful movement, journalling, meditation, gong baths, deprivation tanks, reiki, hiking, running, cooking, cleaning, chanting, singing, drawing, pottery, sewing, doodling, model making, candle/ moon/ star/ cloud/ nature gazing.

Explore, experiment, have fun and find what works for you.

By listening to ourselves, we take our power back.

By listening to ourselves, we are aware.

When we are aware, we have the choice to take action.

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