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Unconditional love knows no limits.

Unconditional love is unconditional.

It is not contained to a lifetime.

It is Infinite.

The unconditional love we have from and for our earth, pets, friends, spouse, family and ancestors is forever present.

It is there and always will be there.

In this lifetime,

In the lifetimes of the past,

And in the lifetimes to come.

We are all connected.

We are all one.

We will always be connected to the ones we love.

No matter what form we are in.

There will be times when we miss the physical form of our loved ones, and the most powerful thing we can do at this time is to transmute our pain into divine love.

We all know how to do this.

Send them love.

By doing this, we are sending ourselves love, healing ourselves, and strengthening the bond of unconditional love.

Feel unconditionally supported,

because you are.

Feel infinitely loved,

because you are.

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